52 ruins

My friend Anders Lundgren and I are just starting up a new project for next year – 52 ruins. The aim is to visit one ruin in Region Kronoberg per week, 52 ruins in one year.

A ruin is abandoned, decayed. Maybe people left the area since a war broke out, maybe the ruin was devastated by a natural catastrophe, maybe the area just suffered from depopulation in general. Its time is in any case over. All it can do is to whisper.

I do not know what makes us doing this project. Perhaps it is just recreation, perhaps it is more like a social thing – to spend some time together, have conversations and an outdoor coffee. But it might be something else – our vision is clear: Every ruin will connect us to the very deep of the existence. Parts of the ruins are hidden beneath the ground, just like our minds, just like the memory.

Our guideline is a book by the journalist Thomas Lissing, which introduces 50 ruins in the area. We are obviously missing two, therefore we will have to add two extra at the end of the year.

What will we meet during the project? I look forward to experience old graveyards, old churches, barbicans, gallows hills, homestead ruins, mills, castles, tar piles, glassworks, settlements, railway bridges, forges and much more.

To get into the right feeling, we have produced a logotype for the project.